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I’ve been in the aquarium hobby for close to 30 years, I started my first saltwater tank about 20 years ago, made tons of mistakes, and learned a lot, that was 10+ tanks ago!

Lakeside Reefing was founded in December of 2022, I was very involved in the hobby and felt it was time to jump into the business side of it.  I’m still learning every day, but I love the hobby and the people that are part of it.  I operate out of a coral room in my garage, we currently have 3 dedicated coral tanks that are all plumbed together in a series of 4 sumps that hold various equipment and live rock. We pride ourselves in taking great care of how we ship the corals, utilizing best practices such as fully insulated boxes, proper heat packs, or ice packs depending on the weather, as well as utilizing jars with secured shipping holders. We attend local coral shows such as ReefingUSA, and Reefapalooza we love to see other vendors and of course, the hobbyists whom we have become friends with.

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