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Jose Esteves

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Quick intro about me.

Name is Jose Esteves and I am originally from South Florida. I started my Saltwater addiction as a child, but had to give it up as we couldn't afford all the gadgets back in those days (early 80's). I got back into the hobby as my youngest son wanted to start up a new tank and was asking me for advice. Well, as I was giving him advice, I saw all the new advances in the hobby, and I got hooked, 2 years later, here I am in North Carolina still with my reef addiction going strong. 

Living in South Florida gave me and my family the opportunity to enjoy the beaches and all the sea life around us. it also allowed me to see all the changes from a 30 year span of all the life in the ocean that we were able to see as a kid disappear. It also encouraged me to try and bring some of that see life into our home. 

I am a Star Wars fan, 98% of the time you won't be able to miss me in a crowd as I am probably wearing a Star Wars T-shirt.

May the Force be with you!

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